Monday, March 30, 2015

Looking Forward to April 2, 2015 -- Maundy Thursday

This service is a potluck supper with worship intertwined through the meal, culminating with a celebration of Communion.

We will have 2 Scripture readings with a brief meditation following each.

First we will have Exodus 12:1-14 with the meditation Freedom.
Early Thoughts: Matthew Mark and Luke agree that the last supper Jesus share with his friends is the Passover meal (in John's Gospel Jesus dies on the day of Passover, about the time the Passover Lamb is being slain).  And so the life and death of Jesus become tied directly to FREEDOM (which, as Mel Gibson's William Wallace tells us, they can not take away even if they take our lives)

Passover is the meal of liberation and freedom.  Passover reminds us that God works actively to free God's people from slavery.  What does Jesus set us free from?  What enslaves us?

The other passage is Matthew 26:17-30 with the meditation Bread for the Journey.

Early Thoughts:   It is a meal at the center of our faith tradition. From the beginning Christians have broken bread together.  It is the meal which nourishes us in heart and soul and body.  Not because of the food, or not solely because of the food (in the early church it appears to have always been part of a full meal). But also because we declare our faith that when we break the bread together Christ is revealed and present in our midst. Christ present in the loaf and cup renews our soul. The Spirit moving through our gathered community revitalizes us.

And so this meal does prepare us for the next stage of the journey.

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