Monday, March 9, 2020

Looking Ahead to March 15, 2020 -- 3rd Sunday in Lent

For the next three weeks we have long stories from John's Gospel to reflect upon. This week's reading is John 4:1-42.

The Sermon title is Thirsty?

Early Thoughts: How thirsty are you?  Thirsty for what?

We NEED water. Without it we don't survive. Historically speaking, access to water is one of those things that  determines where towns would develop.

But is this story just about that clear life-giving liquid?

I think not.

At the beginning of their dialogue the Samaritan woman at the well thought Jesus was talking about water. Then she seems to have realized he was talking about something else. And out of that discussion she became a witness and evangelist. Jesus, it appears, touched some deep yearning inside her, some deep thirst that she needed to have quenched in order to have life in abundance.

What deep thirst(s) do you have in your life?

Jesus comes to bring us life in abundance. Jesus comes to quench our deep thirsts. I suggest we live in a world where many are incredibly thirsty. Sometimes we know what we thirst or yearn for, sometimes we just know that something is missing but have yet to identify what that is. Where does the faith story help us find what we yearn for? Where does faith help fill an empty spot? Where does the Living Water flood in and quench our thirst with a never-ending flow?

Jesus meets a woman at a well. They have a very interesting dialogue. Her life is changed. Through her Jesus meets her neighbours. When we have our thirst quenched how can we help but invite others to that same well? Maybe they too will find what they have been looking for?

For what do you thirst? What drops of Living Water can you share with your thirsty neighbours?

All who are thirsty.....COME AND DRINK