Monday, May 11, 2020

Looking Ahead to May 17, 2020 -- Easter 6A

The Scripture Readings this week are:
  • Isaiah 49:13-16
  • John 14:15-21; 25-27

Early Thoughts: We will not be left orphaned. We will not be forgotten -- "Can a mother forget her child?". An Advocate, the Spirit of Truth will be sent.

Do we really believe that?  All the time?

I am not sure we do. At least I am not sure I always do.

It can be hard to believe sometimes. Say, for example, when the world has been totally turned upside down by a pandemic. Even then can we believe that we are not alone?

Maybe. Or Maybe not. But does that change how God is acting?

Still some basics remain. We are commanded to love each other, to let love be our identifying mark. As John's Jesus has told us in Chapter 13, we are to love each other as we have been loved. Jesus, I think, knows that it will be challenging to remain true to the Kingdom when he has gone. This, I think, is why he is promising to send a helper, and Advocate, the Paraclete. The Spirit will abide in us just as we already abide in the Spirit (sounds very panentheistic to me -- as far as I understand panentheism anyway). This is how we can continue to remain true to the Way.

God is with us in all this mess, all this turmoil, all this anxiety. God known in the Risen Christ continues to offer God's peace. Our hearts may still be troubled at time. We may still be afraid. But God is there, offering peace and hope, showing us the way forward.

Even when we aren't sure we believe it.

Thanks God.  Amen