Monday, June 4, 2012

The Proposal itself....

Title: Clergy Family Retreat

Financial Implications if known: Meeting expenses for an ad-hoc committee. Should an event be planned the committee would gather information about the financial needs and planning for that event

 Staffing Implications if known: staff time to resource the committee.

Source of Funding if known:

Gord Waldie proposes that Alberta Northwest Conference form an ad-hoc committee to plan a 2-3 day retreat for clergy and their families.

 Background: For several years clergy within the United Church of Canada have reported feeling unsupported. This feeling also extends to spouses and children of ministry personnel. One way that we can support each other is by gathering together to have time to speak with others facing similar issues. The idea of a retreat, not only for clergy but also for their families, seems an important way to respond to the need for more collegiality and mutual support within the ranks of our ministry personnel. Such an event would/could include general social time and activities but also intentional time for specific gatherings of clergy, clergy spouses, and clergy kids so they can share stories/concerns/issues with others in the same or similar role in the church.

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