Monday, June 8, 2015

Looking Forward to June 14, 2015

The Scripture Reading for this week is Psalm 113.  Though we are likely going to use this responsive version.

The Sermon title is fairly simple-- PRAISE!!!

Early Thoughts: It is one of the basic parts of following a theistic faith.  It is one of the basic forms of prayer.  It is a big reason of why we gather together to worship.


What do we have to praise?  Why do we sing songs of thanksgiving?

It seems that we might miss some things in our lists.

WE often will give thanks for family, food, fellowship, friends.  We might remember to add in housing and security.  Maybe we might include government services and supports.

It would be common for us to praise God for beauty, sunrises, mountain vistas and prairie skies.  Maybe we praise God for the artistry of a piece of music, or a dance, or a painting.  Possibly we offer songs of praise for life itself.

What might we be missing?

Change.  Transformation. Turning the world upside down.

We need to praise God for God's vision.  We need to sing praises for God's possibilities.  We need to be thankful that the Kingdom is coming in all its fullness.

That is what I think we forget.

What do we praise?  What will we praise?  Why do we sing?

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