Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Newsletter

I have actually sent Leanne 2 things for the Newsletter this month.  One is a revision of this blog post regarding Physician Assisted Suicide, here is the other:

We Live in a Time of Change – Is it a Curse or a Blessing?

Since early 2013 there has been a group called the Comprehensive Review Task Group working within the United Church of Canada. ON March 3rd they released their report. It proposes radical (and remember that radical comes from the Latin radix or root) change for us as a denomination.

As I write this I have only read the teaser that was on the website, not the actual report, so I have no firm opinion on what they are proposing. I have preliminary ones but am trying to keep an open mind until I read the report twice (once for my initial emotional reaction and then a second more reasoned read-through.

If you are interested in what they had to say you can find the report (and some other documents surrounding it) here: http://www.gc42.ca/comprehensive-review-report.

It is my intent to give some more information in the April Newsletter. But also I wanted to give a heads-up that sometime after Easter I will host a gathering of interested folk from the congregation to talk about the proposed changes. Presbytery will have a meeting to talk about it on April 18th so it might be nice if we had a discussion before then.


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