Monday, January 14, 2013

Looking Forward to January 20, 2013 -- 2nd Sunday After Epiphany, Year C

The Scripture Reading this week is John 2:1-11

The Sermon Title is More than Enough...

Early Thoughts:  They were out of wine.    It was all gone.  Or was it???

Instead of giving in to the panic (some commentators suggest that this wedding was in Jesus' family, why else would his mother be worried about the lack of wine?  some even go so far as to suggest it is Jesus' wedding) Jesus' mother assumes that the problem will be solved.  And Jesus obliges, even though he seems dubious that this is the place and time for a miracle.

6 stone jars holding 20-30 Gallons.  One Imperial Gallon is 4.5 liters so that translates to 90-135 liters per jar or 540-810 liters total.  A standard bottle of wine (such as in the picture above) is 0.75 liters.  So all of a sudden in our story, where everyone though there was great scarcity we have 720-1080 bottles of wine.  Why does the old Irish Rover's song Wasn't That a Party? suddenly come to mind???

Most sermons I have heard on this passage have focused on how the episode reveals Jesus in his power and majesty.  And that is a possible line.  But most times I have preached on it I have been struck by that amazing abundance when everyone else is worried about running out.

It strikes me that this is a common issue in many people's lives.  We become convinced that we are running out of something and react in panic.  I also wonder how many of those guests who had heard that the wine was gone were skeptical when they heard that not only was the wine NOT gone but the best quality stuff was now available in amounts beyond what they could possibly drink.  When we are convinced that something is scarce then hear that indeed there is plenty are we willing/able to believe it?

WE live in a culture that needs us to believe things are scarce.  We follow the One who promised us life, and that in abundance.  Which will we choose to believe?

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