Monday, March 21, 2016

Looking Forward to March 24, 2016 -- Maundy Thursday

This Thursday we will have a combined potluck-worship service at 6:00 in the Small/West Basement.  Communion will be included as a part of this service.

The Scripture Readings we will hear are:
  • John 13:3-17, 34-35
  • Exodus 12:1-14
  • Mark 14:22-42
There will be two Reflections, one after the Exodus passage and one after the Mark passage.

Early Thoughts: A meal of memory.  Or rather 2 meals of memory form our scripture reflection.

First we have the central meal of Jewish faith. The meal of freedom. The meal that reminds people of what God has done but also that God is still working for freedom and liberation.

Then we have another meal.  A meal that launches from the meal of liberation but takes on a whole new life and understanding without losing all of the old.  From that meal we head deeper into the story. The clouds grow darker and the tone more somber.

AS we prepare for the darkest part of our faith story, can we watch and wait and pray?

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