Monday, March 21, 2016

Looking Ahead to March 25, 2016 -- Good Friday

The Scripture for this service will be:
  • Mark 15:1-39
  • Mark 15:40-47
The Meditation is titled The King Enthroned

Early Thoughts: Is this a coronation? Or is it a parody of a coronation?

"King of the Jews".  That is the accusation brought before Pilate. This is the crime for which Jesus is executed--for claiming to be a king not authorized by Rome.

Is this his coronation?


Given that the Kingdom of which Jesus speaks is not like the Kingdoms of the earth, given that in this Kingdom the last will be first and the first last, given that you enter the Kingdom by denying yourself and following the one who hangs on the cross then maybe this is a throne.

SO as we gather beside the throne do we jeer and ridicule like the crowds do? Or are we alert to what is really happening, like the centurion is? Or do we watch and wait from a distance, trying to decide what to do next?


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