Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Minister's Blurb for the Photo Directory

OK everybody ready? Eyes open! Stop chewing gum! 3-2-1 SMILE!
Did the picture turn out?

Family pictures are always a challenge aren't they. I remember many a special meal where we were sure the food would get cold because my dad wanted to get the picture just right. But the pictures are important. They help us to remember, they help keep a record of what happened, they give us a spark to start telling the stories (and sometimes they provide evidence to resolve disagreements about what happened).

This directory is a snapshot of who were are in 2016. We are a different family than we were in 2010. Some people have moved in, some have moved away. We have all gotten older (and possibly bigger). Then next time a directory is made we will be a different family again. But this is who we are right now.

The people in these pages have inherited this place from those who have gone before. We have the task to pass this community of faith on to those who will, one day, replace us. Who will be in the next snapshot?

In closing, I remember the first song I learned as a member of Junior Choir. The first verse proclaims:
The church is not a building, the church is not a steeple
the church is not a resting place the church is a people...
Here in these pages we find St. Paul's United. Not all of it since no family portrait ever gets everybody in. But the people staring back at you as you flip the pages, and those whose pictures are missing, that is the church. And so, whether you have been in every directory or this is your first time, welcome to the church...

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