Monday, December 21, 2015

Looking Forward to December 24 -- Christmas Eve

We have two services this Thursday. One at 6:30 which is aimed at young families, and the other at 8:00.

At both services we will be hearing the Christmas story as told by Luke.

At the 6:30 service the story will be told with action! As people arrive the younger folk will be invited to take a part in the story and then as it is told they will play out their parts.  There will be some speaking parts as well.

The 8:00 service will feature:
  • the Jr. Choir
  • the Sr. Choir
  • the Handbell Choir
  • candles
  • 2 Christmas poems
Oh and the story as well!

The Meditation at this service is called The Angel's Story

Early Thoughts:  What would the story be like if the angel told it?

What might the angel have to say to us at Christmas 2015?

We will hear the story from the perspective of an angel serving under the "wing" of Gabriel, the grand herald of heaven.  What did this angel see and hear?  What impression did the messages and events have on him?  And maybe, just maybe, there is a message to us that needs to be shared as the story is told...

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