Monday, February 2, 2015

Looking Forward to February 8, 2015 -- Feed the Multitudes, Walk on Water

The Scripture Reading this week is: Matthew 14:13-33

The Sermon title is Sink or Swim

Early Thoughts:  It is about trust. And maybe about power.  But then the use of power is also inextricably linked to trust.

Feeding the multitudes---trust that Jesus knew what he was doing.  The disciples were sure it was impossible.  Jesus knew it was.

Storm at sea, Peter stepping out -- trust.  Peter's mixture of trust and fear, which will win out?

There is, I believe, a multitude of hungry folk in the world today, hungry for many things.  Jesus tells us to feed them (as he does at the end of John's gospel).  Do we trust that we can?

There are many stormy winds buffeting us these days.  Sometimes we are sure the water will overwhelm us.  But God invites (or even commands) us to step out of the relative safety of our boats.  Will our fear or our faith and trust win out?

Peter stepped out--and he sank.  He could have given up then and there and drowned.  But Jesus wouldn't let him.  And Simon became Cephas, the rock of faith.

We need to step out, to sink, to swim...or possibly to fly...

As that other Peter tells us, all we need is faith, trust, and a happy thought (which may mean a dream, a vision for what could be?)

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