Monday, January 26, 2015

Looking Ahead to February 1, 2015 -- Do Not Worry

The Scripture Reading this week is Matthew 6:19-34

The Sermon title is Stop Worrying!

Early Thoughts:  It is about priorities.  That is what will determine how much we worry, or what we worry about.

And what we end up worrying about also shapes how we live.

If we worry about building up storehouses how does that drive our choices?
If we choose to worry less about having "enough" how might that change our choices?

At the same time, it seems wholly unrealistic to not worry at all about things like "what will we eat" or "where will we live" or what will we wear".  There is trust and faith and hope.  Then there is being hopelessly naive.

Isn't there?

But let us be honest.  Our priorities could sometimes use some realignment.  We probably do worry too much about some things and not enough about others.  And while we are being honest, let us admit that worry and anxiety, particularly over things we can not control, tend to rob our lives of zest.

So maybe we can agree that we should stop worrying so much.  We could trust more.  And we could ask ourselves what is most important in life.

Can't we?

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