Tuesday, August 27, 2013

September Newsletter Piece

At our last Council meeting we responded to a request from Presbytery to host the February meeting. Yes we hosted Presbytery only a couple years ago, so why are we being asked so soon?

Well at my first meeting of this Presbytery I shared a hope that we would have a youth event in conjunction with a Presbytery meeting. Effective ministry requires a “critical mass” of people to gather together, this is particularly true for Youth Ministry. And so in an area of small communities and small congregations sometimes have regional events is one of the best ways to support youth ministry. Over the last couple of years some people have been talking about this idea and have suggested that Presbytery have just such an event. Because St. Paul's is one of the largest churches in the Presbytery (both in terms of building size and in number of people) we were asked to host this meeting and the associated Youth Event.

As it happens, at that same meeting the Joint Needs Assessment Committee presented their report to council. In that report it was noted that the congregation had expressed a strong desire to do more to support ministry with youth and young adults. As we discussed whether St. Paul's could meet the request from Presbytery (more the discussion was about HOW we could meet it, we know we have the capacity) someone made the comment, “We just read the JNAC report that talked about supporting youth. How can we say no to this request?”. So St. Paul's is hosting Northern Lights Presbytery and a bunch of youth the last weekend of February 2014.

In order to do this we will need help. Council is hoping that someone will step up and serve as the co-ordinator for the weekend. We are looking for groups of people to volunteer to look after meals (Friday Supper, Saturday breakfast for the youth, Saturday lunch, Saturday supper [we think that the youth can do cereal/yogurt/fruit for Sunday breakfast]). WE need a person or a couple of people to staff the book table. We need a small group of people to look after coffee break supplies during the day on Saturday. We will need one male and one female chaperone to stay in the church with the youth on Friday night and another pair on Saturday night. And while folk from Presbytery will look after the programming for the Youth, we may need volunteer drivers to get them from place to place.

If you can be part of this opportunity to support the churches of Northern Lights in the ministry we share please let me know!!!!!!!!

Last winter we shared that Council had set a goal of strengthening community within the congregation. One of the comments made at that time is that one of the biggest things about building community is calling each other by name. But we don't always know or remember everybody's name. So I am challenging everyone to grab their name tag each and every Sunday morning and wear them. If you don't have or can't find a name tag then let the greeters know and they can let Carla know that you need one. I look forward to seeing a white patch on everyone's chest as I lead worship!!!

Finally, with the fall comes a start up of programming. While I was at a continuing education event last Spring I worked out an idea for a 6 week study on spiritual practices. Maybe we could call it Teach us to Pray. WE will look at different traditional Christian spiritual practices. Day and time yet to be determined.

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