Monday, March 25, 2013

Looking Forward to March 29, 2013 -- Good Friday

Our Good Friday worship will be at 10:00 AM

The Scripture Readings that morning will be:
Psalm 22:1-18
Luke 22:24-23:56

The long Luke reading will be broken up with sung verses of Were You There?

The Meditation title is The End

Early Thoughts:  What must they have thought?  As they watched him led away, as they watched him hung on the cross, as they watched him laid in the tomb.  What thought would have come to their mind?

One of the Gospel accounts has Jesus; last words as "It is Finished".  I am thinking that must be a good way to sum up what his friends and followers felt on that day.

It is done.  We had such great hopes but now they are gone.  We thought the world was going to be changed but now our hope is dashed.

It is finished?

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