Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lenten Theme

To do something a little bit different, and to start discussion about how to develop the goals Council has set for the year (specifically the one about building visibility and community in the community) we will follow a theme of The Church in the World for most of the Sundays of Lent (there is one Sunday where I am away).  Here are some details:

February 17:
The Church in the World: Gospel in One Hand, Bible in the Other
Looking at the importance of knowing the world in which we minister.
Scripture:  Luke 9:51-62; 10:1-6

February 24:
The Church in the World: Witness & Testimony
This week we will visit the importance of evangelism--telling our stories.
Scripture:  Matthew 28:16-21 and Mark 16:9-18

March 3:
The Church in the World: IN But Not OF
One of the historic paradoxes of Christian thought is that we are called to be in the world actively but we are not to be of the world or worldly
Scripture:  Joshua 24:14-24 and Psalm 1 (VU p.724) and Matthew 5:3-12

March 17:
The Church in the World: Poverty and Wealth
John's Gospel includes the words "You always have the poor with you".  What do we do with that?
Scripture:  Isaiah 55:1-9 and John 12:1-8

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