Monday, July 9, 2012

Looking Forward to July 15, 2012 -- 7th Sunday After Pentecost, Proper 10

The Scripture Readings this week are:

  • 2 Samuel 6 
  • Psalm 24 (VU p.751)

The Sermon title is Celebrate Passionately!

Early Thoughts:  What is your passion? What would make you lose yourself in the moment?  And, perhaps more importantly, are you able to live out your passion?

David was a person of great passion.  Sometimes his passion gets him in trouble.  But I would argue that if David was not as comfortable with his passion he would not have become the hero of Scripture that we know.

What is your passion?  Does following your passion guide your life choices?  How do you feel when doing something you are passionate about?

GOd calls us to be passionate people.  It is sometimes said that to find your own particular ministry you need to find that place where your passion and God's passion and the needs of the world all intersect.  And so God wants us to live out our passion.

Some of us (might I dare suggest especially those of us with British, Presbyterian roots?) have an uneasy relationship with passion.  To be  passionate might mean being disorderly, or out of control, or even imprudent.

But still I say that life is better when we live out our passion.  Still I say that God wants us to live full, abundant, passionate lives.

So what is your passion?

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