Monday, May 7, 2012

Looking Ahead to May 13, 2012 -- 6th Sunday of Easter

The Scripture Readings this week are:
  • Psalm 98 (VU p.818) 
  • John 15:9-17 
The Sermon title is Thank You

Early Thoughts: We sometimes forget to say it.  WE sometimes are better asking for help/money/time than saying thank you for it.  We may remember as individuals but as institutions we are not always good at it.  And I would argue that the church as a body is one of the worst offenders at times)

And yet if we are in fact called to act lovingly towards each other shouldn't thank-you flow automatically?

This week we will not only talk about WHY we say thank you (or why we should).  It is a part of love, a part of recognizing that others have acted out of love, often self-sacrificial love.  We will also take time to actually say it.  In public worship.  On behalf of the congregation.

Time to start building my list.....

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