Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Looking FOrward to April 6, 2012 -- Good Friday

Our Good Friday Service will be held at 10:00
The Scripture Readings for this year are:
  • Mark 14:26-15:41
  • Psalm 22 (VU p.744 Part One)
  • Mark 15:42-47

The Meditation title is The Crosses of the World

Early Thoughts: A couple of weeks ago an unarmed young man heading home from the convenience store was followed and shot by the local neighbourhood watch captain because he looked "suspicious".  And as the story unfolds it appears that the real reason he appeared suspicious was not his wardrobe, or his activity, but the colour of his skin.  And once again the cross comes in to view.

What are the crosses in the world today?  Where are people unjustly tried and convicted and punished for being true to who they are, or merely for being who they are?

That is part of what Good Friday calls us to remember.  On Good Friday we not only remember the story, but we need to acknowledge that the powers and the principalities still rule the world.  WE need to ask ourselves where we stand when it comes to the crosses in the world today. 

This year I invite you to come and share in those thoughts...

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