Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Looking Ahead to April 5, 2012 -- Maundy Thursday

This is a combined meal/worship service (potluck) starting at 5:30 in the small basement.  Our worship will be interspersed with the meal.  There will be 3 little reflections:

Scripture Reading:  John 12:1-8
Reflection title: A Waste of Ointment? -- I'll be honest, I tend to read this story and agree with Judas.  It does seem terribly wasteful.  But is there something deeper there?????

Scripture Reading:  Exodus12:1-14
Reflection Title: The Meal of Liberation -- Since the beginning, Christians have linked Easter to the Passover festival.  And that festival was about being set free from bondage.  Truly revolutionary!

Scripture Reading: Mark14:12-26
Reflection Title: Our Meal of Faith -- "On the night before he was betrayed...." a phrase that often shows up in our communion prayers.  When we break the bread and share the cup we are, among other things, remembering this night and this meal. 

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