Monday, February 27, 2012

World Day of Prayer

Each year on the first Friday of March people are invited to join together in an ecumenical service highlighting issues around women in the world.  Each year the service relies on resources and information from a specific country (this year the country is Malaysia).  For more on the World Day of Prayer click here.

This year the Grande Prairie World Day of Prayer service will be held at St. Paul's United Church at 7pm on Friday March 2nd.  The title for the 2012 service is Let Justice Prevail.  Over and over again Scripture makes it clear the God cares about justice, that God's hope is that the world will be a place where justice shall flow down like water.

One of the Scripture passages being used on Friday is the story of the woman who refuses to be quiet until she gets justice.  Sometimes the squeaky wheel does get the grease.  And so, as I prepare to reflect on Friday, I can't help but ask -- do we need to squeak a little bit more?

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