Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Newsletter

The time has come....to speak of many things...

With apologies to Lewis Carroll, I have no opinions on shoes or ships or sealing wax. I do have opinions on cabbages and kings, but those will wait for another day. I don't know if the sea is boiling hot or if pigs do not have wings (but I have my suspicions). But I do know that it is September. And September means it is start-up season.

Sunday School starts on September 11, with some new curriculum and an new organization. As a congregation we need to offer our support to the leaders and members of the Sunday School and Youth Group as they meet and learn and grow. While we are talking about education, watch for news about upcoming Faith Study options. Any fans of Les Misérables out there? I think it would be a great topic for a study. And congregations across the country have been asked to look at the simple question of “What does the United Church of Canada believe?' Or maybe that is not so simple a question after all.

And of course as the weeks pass there are big events coming closer. A month from now we will be celebrating our 100th Anniversary as a congregation. Don't forget to register so we know how many will be at the celebratory supper! Do you have stories that need to be told about the history of this place? What is it that makes this place special? And of course the big question is---while we celebrate what others have left for us, are we thinking about what we will leave for those who will come later?

Then there is the REALLY big one. The event that will take a lot of work, but the work can be spread among many different people. In March (which is really only 6 months away) St. Paul's will be visited by a 150 or 200 people for the conference Junior High Youth Rally. These people will sleep here, and eat here, and have fun here, and lead us in worship. But they need support. They need food to be prepared and served and cleaned up. They need a team of First Aiders to be available, just in case. They need chaperones to sit in the church while they sleep to answer questions and provide support. They need people to ensure the bathrooms are restocked with paper products and the floors are kept passably clean. They need people to lead them in workshops. They need transportation around town. If you are interested in planning for or assisting with this event please talk to Paula Anderson or myself. A representative from the Conference Youth and Young Adult Ministry committee will be coming for a site visit in late October.

And of course our committees and the Council are starting to rev up again. This will include the Committee fair on September 25th – a chance for the Committees and Working Groups in the congregation to let you know what they do in our life together.

The time has indeed come to speak of many things. In our life together we share so much. WE learn and grow together as people trying to live in God's Way. Let's explore life and faith together shall we.

And let me know if you see a pig with wings won't you?


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