Monday, April 18, 2011

Looking Forward to April 24, 2011 -- Easter Sunday

The Scripture Readings this Sunday are:
Psalm 118:14-24 (VU p.837 Parts 2&3)
John 20:1-18

THe Sermon Title is A Resounding YES!!!

Early Thoughts: On Friday the Darkness fell (the service on Sunday will begin with a re-cap of how we got to the garden tomb).  But with the dawn comes a new light, new hope, new possibilities.

On Friday we heard how well the world can say NO to God's hopes, to God's plans, to God's vision.  But God has the final say in our story.  And to the apparent surprise of Jesus' friends God's final word was a loud, resounding, ebullient YES!!!!  No matter how insistent the powers and the principalities were, are, and will be God's YES continues to echo off their walls and their fences and their fortresses.  God is continuing to bring light and life, hope and love to replace darkness and death, despair and fear.

That is the glory of Easter.  That is the truth of Easter.  The truth of Easter is not based in debating what "really" happened.  It is in the ongoing YES that God sends out to the world.  It is in the radical change that comes in our lives when we can hear that YES.  It is in the life that springs up when we least expect it, calling us from our grief, calling us from our ordinary lives, calling us to proclaim that there is another possibility.

Join us this Easter to celebrate once again God's loud, joyful, ebullient YES!  ANd may our praises and God's hope ring out over all the earth!

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