Thursday, November 26, 2015

FOr the SPecial Christmas Insert in the Paper

Are you afraid of the dark?
There is an Advent hymn which reminds us “The world is full of darkness, again there is no room”. One look at the news on any given day will remind us that this darkness is very real.
Are you afraid of the dark? Do you worry about what or who might be lurking in the shadows?

There is a word of hope. Jesus, the Light of the World, is about to be born. As we put special lights on trees and houses we celebrate the fact that the light of God shines in all the dark places, that the shadows are defeated.

Like other churches, St. Paul's celebrates and proclaims God's light week in and week out. We share that light with the community around us. Sometimes by offering meeting space for AA groups or the HIV North Women's Drop In. Sometimes by sharing hot chocolate or freezies with parade goers. At Christmas we take up collections to support the Food Bank or the GPRC Room of Plenty. And week after week we offer a place where folk can gather to sing, to pray, to be reminded that God is alive and active here in Grande Prairie.

We at St. Paul's wish everyone in Grande Prairie a Merry Christmas and Blessing in the New Year.
Please feel free to join us for worship December 24 at either 6:30 (aimed at younger families) or 8:00.
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