Monday, October 19, 2015

Looking Forward to October 25, 2015 -- A look at Ruth

The Scripture Reading this week is Ruth 1:1-17; 4:9-17

The Sermon title is Family Support

Early Thoughts: She could have just gone home.  Arguably she should have just gone home (thought we don't really know what opportunities or options there were for her there). But she didn't.  Instead Ruth chose to stay with what was left of her new family. Why?

He could have left her alone.  He could have sent her on her way.  After all he had to go through a bit of rigmarole to marry her.  But he didn't.  Instead Boaz went through all the formality needed to marry the widow and redeem the land of her late father-in-law.  Why?

Was it love? Well yes. But is that all there is?

Was it commitment? Yes. But what drew that level of commitment?

I think it speaks to what it means to call ourselves family.

Don't get me wrong.  I know that not all families are models of loving commitment.  Sometimes the family unit is the exact opposite and we have to escape. But in an ideal case family means we support each other--even if it is difficult or makes no sense (or perhaps especially in those cases).

It is also notable that in both cases Ruth and Boaz chose what family meant and who family meant. It isn't just an accident of birth. Family is those who are related because we share genes. Family is also those we choose to name as family.

Faith communities are often compared to a family. Sometimes those families are highly dysfunctional. Sometimes they are wonderful places to be. If our faith community is a family to us, how do we share support for each other? How do we offer it? How do we receive it?

What families are a part of your life?

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