Tuesday, September 1, 2015

For a Service of Church Closure

Call to Worship and Lighting of Christ Candle
In the beginning God said:
Let there be light.
In the beginning was the Word
and the Word was light to the world.
We light this candle to remind us of the light which has shone from the beginning,
the light which will shine beyond the end.
The God of Light has called us to this place,
to remember, to give thanks, to mark a time of transition.
Let us worship together...

Prayer of Approach
Eternal God;
God of our past, our present, our future, we open our hearts in worship.
Loving God;
who laughs with us and worries with us and weeps with us, we carry our fears and hopes and memories to this place.
God made known in Jesus the Christ;
we remember the story of faith, of death and resurrection, of hope that defies despair.
God of community;
we gather with friends and neighbours, sharing a common bond
God of the church;
we gather in this place to mark an ending, help us to remember that the church is more than this building, that the church continues in faithful lives lived in this community.
God of life and hope and promise;
be with us in this time of worship. And walk with us when we leave this place. Amen.

Prayer of Hope For the Future
God of endings and beginnings,
we trust that you walk on with us into the undiscovered future.
When Moses led the children of Israel into the wilderness.
You were there, helping them see hope. Be with us as we enter a time of change, leading us with hope.
When Jesus knew that it was time to challenge the old ways
You were there, sustaining him and his friends as the world was changed. As you were at the heart of his life and ministry may you be at the heart of our lives and ministry.
God of change, God who says “Behold, I am doing a new thing”
Lead us into the new thing, growing from the old, growing from you Living Word moving in our hearts.
These things we pray in the name of Jesus, our rock and redeemer, our teacher and guide, whose life, death and resurrection give us a path and a hope for the future and who taught his friends to pray saying...

Commissioning & Benediction
God is with us
As we remember what once was with joy and sadness
God will remain with us
As we name the ending of this congregation.
God will lead us forward
as we continue to live as faithful followers of Christ
as we seek God's justice
as we look for the Kingdom of God
as we walk in God's light
As you go forth from this place,
may the love of God who created and recreates us,
the strength of Jesus who redeems us,
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit who strengthens us,
be with you today, tomorrow and everyday.
We are not alone. Thanks be to God!

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