Monday, June 29, 2015

Looking Ahead to July 5, 2015

The Scripture Reading this week is Psalm 40:1-10

The Sermon title is Sing! Rejoice!

Early Thoughts:  The old hymn asks "How can I keep from singing?"

This week's Psalm is a song of praise for life being returned to an even keel.  And what else can one do but sing?

Over and over again Scripture tells us to sing, particularly to sing a new song.  Music touches and speaks for our heart in a way very different than spoken or written text.  We sing our praise, we sing our hope, we sing our way out of fear.

I remember a few nights at camp in the midst of severe thunderstorms.  What did we do?  Well sometimes we played indoor games.  But sometimes we just sang.  We sang every song we could think of.  Largely to distract from the thunder and wind and lighting but also because it gathered us as a community.  We sang our way through the storm.

God calls us to sing.  How indeed can we keep from singing?

PS:  Many years ago U2 made a song using the words from Psalm 40.  The story about how that came to be is found here.  ANd here they are singing it...

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