Monday, March 30, 2015

Looking Forward to April 5, 2015 -- Easter Sunday

The Scripture Reading for this highest celebration of the Christian year is Matthew 28:1-10

The Sermon Title is Shaking Life out of Death

Early Thoughts: If Friday was a death that shook the lives of some. It turns out that Sunday started a shaking that continues to vibrate until today.

More than anything else that is what proves there is something to the story. Something happened that changed people so much they went out to change more people. Something happened to convince people that the one who they saw led away to be crucified had transcended or defeated death. Something happened to prove that God had plans that outweighed the worst the world could throw at God.

Talk about an earthquake. Talk about shaking life out of death.

I don't think we get to the meaning of Easter by debating what that "something" that happened was or how it happened.  I think we get to the meaning of Easter by accepting that something happened and asking ourselves what that means.

Easter changes the rules.  Easter changes how we understand life and death. Easter challenges us to look for life in the most unexpected places. If we take it seriously, Easter shakes the ground of our understanding. Maybe in our familiarity with the story we miss that. Maybe we need to rediscover it.

How does resurrection shake your world? What gets shaken apart? What shakes itself into shape?

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