Monday, February 3, 2014

Looking Forward to February 9, 2014 -- 5th Sunday After Epiphany

This Sunday we will celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism.

The Scripture reading this week is Matthew 5:13-20

The Sermon title is Salt for the Earth, Light to the World

Early Thoughts:  To be a disciple, to be a faithful follower of The Way means that you make an impact on the word.

No, seriously.  To be faithful means you make an impact on the world.  OK, I will admit that to be unfaithful also means you make an impact on the world.  As the CSI TV series has taught us, no one moves through a space and leaves it unaltered.  All things are changed by the people who interact with them, we always leave something and take something.

So what mark will we make?

Does the mark we make show how we have met God?  Does the mark we make increase the amount of love and justice, light and peace in the world?

Jesus is pretty blunt in this passage.  HE does not say "if you choose you can be...".  He says "YOU ARE".  You are salt, you are light.  And there is that almost unspoken go and live that out.

To be a disciple, to be a follower of Christ, is to be active.  It means we work actively as salt and light. 

This week we will end our service by singing "Go, Make a Difference".   What difference do we, will we make?

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