Monday, March 25, 2013

Looking Forward to March 31, 2013 -- Easter Sunday

The Scripture Readings for this week are:
  • John 20:1-18 (drama to start the service)
  • Luke 24:1-12
The Sermon title is An Idle Tale...  

Early Thoughts: Can you blame them?  Honestly can you?

Jesus is dead and buried.  You know it to be true.  You may not like it, you may wish it wasn't true but you know that it is.  Then someone comes up and tells you that they have met Jesus, that he is alive, he has risen.

What would your first response be?

Might you be more than a little dubious?

Might you think that their emotion has got the better of them?

Or would you believe them?

After almost 2000 years of Christian faith, it is easy to wonder why those who first heard from the first witnesses did not believe.  After all, many of us have heard the Easter story since we were infants, it has soaked in to our bones.

But maybe we too would have thought it to be an idle tale...

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