Monday, January 17, 2011

Looking Forward to January 23, 2011 -- 3rd Sunday After Epiphany

The Scripture Readings this week are:

  • Isaiah 9:1-4
  • Psalm 27 (VU p.754)
  • Matthew 4:12-23

The Sermon Title is A Movement Begins

Early Thoughts: Why did they do it?  What would make grown men suddenly jump up and leave everything behind?

There is something amazing about the stories of Jesus calling those early disciples. These poor fishermen suddenly leave their nets and boats by the lakeshore and follow this strange man they have never met.

The only possible answer to "why?" is that there is something compelling about Jesus and the summons he gives. There is something that draws people to Jesus, not just here at the beginning but throughout his life and throughout the Christian story.

Each of us knows what it is that draws us to Jesus. And it isn't the same for everyone. For the 4 fishers it seems there must have been a sense of charisma in this man. Did they know that day by the lakeshore that they would one day proclaim him as the Messiah, the Chosen One of God? Did they know that later he would be called God-Made-Flesh? Or did they just know that they needed to be with him?

Of course we can only guess what Peter and his friends were thinking or feeling. But we also have to be ready to ask ourselves what draws us. We have to be ready to share that feeling of being drawn with others, to tell our stories of leaving behind to join the Master.

That day by the lakeshore a movement started.  A movement that has grown and changed but still continues almost 2000 years later.  How do we respond when the movement comes to us and calls us to get up and go?

PS: Here is a bit of poetry I wrote to go with these passages 3 years ago.

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